Retail Talent Management


Targeted Hiring

Increase sales and reduce costly employee turn-over by improving hiring accuracy. Take the guesswork out of identifying, hiring and promoting the "right" talent with our time proven job benchmarking and online assessments.

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Training Workshops

Train your teams to relate to today's tech savvy consumers through our research based 4 C's of Relational Selling, Managing Superior Performance and other relevent skills building programs. All workshops, including the highly successful Event/CRM Bootcamp are designed with an immediate pay-off in increased sales.
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Talent Management

Eliminate the frustration of personnel related issues through our Talent Management mentorship program. The ExSellerate team acts as your remote General Manager holding the entire organization to a greater level of accountability and performance.
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What is it that makes one person in your organization outperform all others?

At ExSellerate, we know the answer. We study human performance and have benchmaked the behaviors, motivators and skills possessed by the top retail sales and management professsionals. Learn the secrets of identifying and hiring top talent and moving your high potentials to star performers.

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The Power of YES

It’s amazing how powerful a short three lettered word is but when you think about it, the word yes coveys acceptance, approval, positiveness, problem solved, love, lust, commitment, contentment, excitement, and so on.

Make the decision today to begin living of life of “yes.”